Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So today I have completed uploading all my journals from my Nepal MITE trip.
This post officially ends updates from me on this blog.
Its been quite a journey, and I'm forever thankfull for the experience He has lead me through.
Right now I'm trusting Him daily for directing my steps as i plan for this next stage of my life.
With my God for me, it can only be brighter days that I'm looking forward to. As this song goes, my heart sings to the same tune and heartbeat.

Monday, August 10, 2009

8th August
It’s the last 4 days of my stay here in Nepal, and I really don’t know what I should journal about. So many things about the last 26 days are starting to run through my mind at this moment. Counting 26 days could seem short, and back home, weeks past like they never existed. But over here, I’ve come to learn, see and experience so much that my mind registers a period longer then 26 days spent here in Nepal. I am looking forward to returning home.


Yesterday morning it started out wet. I had to cycle to Jars of Clay to be trying out a few drinks. I felt good about myself yesterday for accomplishing a few things. Firstly, I had done up 3 drinks SOP, which involves coming up with the right mix of ingredients for the drink and executing the drink making procedure. Along with the execution, I had to record the instructional sequence for the procedure. This is for facilitating the training of the staff at Jars of Clay. Secondly I edited the customer service Job description template and detailed down the purpose, roles and responsibilities of the supervisor and the service crew.





As I was typing away at my computer at Jars of clay, I imagined if this were my own business, it was not going to be easy. I am just an intern now, and so typing out and trying out the SOPs and JDs was like a fun thing to experience for me. But I felt that this was not the case for Gloria and Loong. Their work here is not easy; firstly being away from home for a long haul is not easy. Secondly doing a business along with ministry is even more of a challenge. So it brings me to my thoughts on the 17th and 19th of July, that we really need to hear God call and direction before we make a move, and put our hearts, soul and mind and strength into that purpose.


10th August

Yesterday was my last day at work at Jars of Clay. I finished concocting and taking pictures for each step of the SOP drinks instruction manual, and also finished coming up and editing the customer service steps, barista and front of house job descriptions. I had my final tandoori meal for lunch here in Nepal, and it tasted superb. Had 7 chickens and 3 nuns packed and frozen to be brought home for people back home!

So today is going to be my last day in Nepal, and I am excited to be heading home tomorrow as well as looking forward to spending my last day here. I plan to cycle down to town and just experience the streets of Nepal one last time before I leave.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

6th August

The past three days passed real fast, and I did not get the chance to journal here. But instead I was writing the things I have been learning on my written journal.

Just got called out by Loong because it’s raining hail outside! How exciting!! I’ve never experience hail before!

On Tuesday, I took a hike around the mountain resort after lunch alone, and I started to notice that usually there are green pastures on top of the ridge lines. I was listening to Ps Judah Smith share on “Green Pastures” before from John 10:9. And it was like God was helping me experience what I learnt. Climbing up to the ridge may not be easy, but on the way up the sight of the green open ridge spurred me on, and once I got to the top the sight surrounding me from the top was well worth it. Jesus said he is the gate, and anyone who enters through the gate will go in and go out, and he will find green pastures. In Psalms 23, David also testifies to God leading him to lie down in green pastures.



So today I got the chance to share with the Sophia home girls during devotion time, and the Holy Spirit lead me to prepare and share about the lessons God has been teaching me from my experiences and from the Word. So I shared on how we can get “A command, A promise or A Lesson” from our time spent with God. So I shared on the promise of how, despite being in the midst of our circumstances, Jesus said he would lead us who have entered the gate, to green pastures. I learn a lesson from the girls as well. They could recite the whole of Psalms 23 for me!! Their ability to memorize so many scripture verses leaves me thinking that I to should learn from them.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

4th August

Yesterday we made our way to Dulikel Mountain resort, an hour’s drive away from the valley. It is nice to get away from the valley, from all the pollution, jams uneven roads and crowds! Reaching the resort, it felt like I entered another place. It’s off peak season, and we got our 3 days 2 nights package at a steal! With all our meals covered, accompanied with an amazing view of the Himalayan mountain range.


I shall be a grateful guest by giving them some advertising. Not something uncommon that I do, as with my iPhone, I’ve been an ambassador for it ever since I got my hands on the iPhone.
Check out this mountain resort at http://dhulikhelmountainresort.com


I was sitting with the view of the Himalayan mountain range in front of me before breakfast, but I’m only able to see the valley in front of me because it is too cloudy.

Anyway breakfast was great, our conversations lead to discussions of the Nepali culture here about how sometimes we westernized and globalised people unconsciously bring and air of arrogance with our actions. It’s so natural to feel superior to a culture which is less developed and different. I was sharing about what was on my heart when I was sharing at church last Saturday. I was afraid the Nepali would discredit what I said about the blessings I receive from God to be able to come to Nepal because I’m from Singapore and to them Singapore is a prosperous country, and its easy for me to say God has blessed me. But I prayed that the Holy Spirit was the one convicting and teaching them. All I did was point out that I viewed them as my brothers and sisters in Christ, and that we are all under the same covenant. It feels like there’s still so much for God to be teaching me here from this cross cultural experience. But I know until perfecting comes, we are to allow His love to be made complete in us, for

Sunday, August 2, 2009

2nd August
Today I went to the ancient city of Batipur in the Kathmandu valley. In this valley there are three areas, they are Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Batipur. At Batipur, I had to pay an entrance fee of 750 rupees. Inside I saw temples and palaces with intricate wood carvings, and architecture that showed the skill of the workers in the 15th century. Even today there are still skilled painters and pottery still being made at Batipur today. It’s just amazing how much talent goes into the worship of their gods and kings. Man was made to worship and I learnt that worship is placing worth on something. If man puts enough worth in something, naturally effort will follow from the heart. There is effort put into building Batipur, unlike Kathmandu whereby the trash is everywhere and there seems to be no order in that town.


Yesterday I shared at Wesley Methodist church. I was rather nervous before the sharing, but I kept praying that it would be God speaking through me by the Holy Spirit, and that somehow the people would come to understand His love abit more. After the message I really would not be able to know if the people came to understand God’s love abit more, but it affirmed certain things God has been teaching me. I had to share from what I was convicted by, and by doing so, helped me see God’s love for the people I was sharing to. God loves his people of every tribe, nation and tongue, and these people where my brothers and sisters. So surely God wants to show them more of His love with whatever means possible. I prayed that I might be one of those means, and so I believe for those who were open to the Holy Spirit’s guidance, they would have come to understand God’s love abit more.


After service, I went to visit one of the church member’s husband in the hospital. I was appalled by the conditions of the wards in that hospital. Apparently that was one of the newer hospitals in Nepal! The sheets were stained and the place was not a pleasant place to be at all. It was like in those world war two movies. I was telling Loong that if I were ever sick in Nepal, going to the hospital here would not even be an option. God showed me how much we are blessed back in Singapore, and I have so much to thank God for.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

1st August
Yesterday I spent the majority of my time staying at home and preparing for a sharing that I would be giving at church today. It’s like one of those days back in Singapore when I just stay home, check emails, have lunch, and watch cable! It’s nice to do that once in awhile, but people who know me know that I cannot do that for more then two days! I’m the sort that needs to get out and do stuff, meet people and keep busy.

After slacking for three quarters of the day at home yesterday, I went for a home fellowship. Loong scootered both of us to this shed like house, and inside I was welcomed by over 10 people in this small room. The room had two beds, two armed chair, one small television and a table. You can imagine how cramp it would be after all that furniture, and there where 10 people fellowshipping inside. This home visits are conducted at different family houses each Friday, and only the pastors and a small group of church members stay the same. The purpose was to visit and have home fellowship with different families who attended the church.

I felt really blessed to be at the home fellowship. And God pointed me out especially to the young ones in the house. They are going to be the generation who will rise up to create change in this land. To see hope and bring hope to this country.

So today I’ll be sharing during service, and I’m rather nervous. I feel I’m not cut out for it, I’m not funny or charismatic enough, and maybe I would not be able to make the right emphasis at the right time. But I am rejecting all these feelings in Jesus name right now. I pray that I would simply be His vessel, to connect His heart with their hearts, and that the Holy Spirit would be the one speaking into their hearts and to the spirits.

Friday, July 31, 2009

31st July
Yesterday I had a little escapade of my own in Kathmandu town. I took a cab down to the tailors to collect my shirt I ordered last week, and walked down to Durbar Marg, the Orchard road of Kathmandu. For lunch I tried to be adventurous eating at a local restaurant. I prayed real hard for the food to be clean before I ate. Thank God the food was edible, though not tasting great, and my stomach is feeling fine this morning. After lunch I walked past the palace museum area to Thamal, a place where they sell hiking gear. Did not see anything worth buying, except a kukri letter opener, but I’m not allowed to bring it back to Singapore. Over dinner, Gloria mentioned that I should have visited the museum to see the room in which the king was assassinated with the chalk outlines and bullet holes still there. I think I will pay Durbar Marg a visit again, this time to have a go at the restaurants there, and to visit the palace museum.

Ps Erick’s family and Gopal Sebastian’s family left for Singapore on Wednesday, and its starting to feel a little quiet in Nepal. Somehow when they are around, we get busy running here and there, but the past two days things seem to be slowing down.



At prayer meeting on Wednesday evening and as usual I did not understand 90% of what everyone was saying, but I was brought to 1john 4:7-21. John talks about our love that causes us to see God. And Luke 7:47 says in order for us to love much, we need to know that we are forgiven much. Ps Sebastian shared a short part in English, about a village pastor having issues with a church member writing against the Hindu gods. I would not doubt the passion, but listening to the sharing, I knew it was not from God. His passion is love. And the church needs to love in order for others to see that we are unlike any other religion. In Romans 14:17-18, it talks Paul tells us to realign our goals with the kingdom of light, which is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. I am reminded that all these are not from us, but in the Holy Spirit. Ps Sebastian approached me after the prayer meeting to ask if I would like to share during Saturday service to encourage the people. I couldn’t agree immediately because I felt that mantle to preach was too great. But after prayer and consideration I believe God could use me to share His heart.

Yesterday Gloria Loong and I watched a Hillsong conference morning rally by Brian and Bobbie Houston. The topic was on “The heart for the House”. My spirit was so uplifted after the session, I had learnt so much! In Matt 16:18, Jesus said he would build his church upon this rock, and the church in Eph 5:25 is going to be radiant for his return. In 1 Kings 9:3-4, The Lord says that his eyes will be always on the house and his heart in it always. This has convicted me to always look in His direction and to be always connected to His heart, which is the Church. This Church is also a family which needs to desperately show unconditional love and acceptance, it is a body which is for effective functioning and it is also a house which can seriously impact the world.


Bobbie Houston ended with a plea to the people in the church, which rang in my heart. It was to light the path a little better, for people to come to the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. To unlock the gates of religion and theology, do away with explaining His ways as a mystery. Connect people better to God heart by coming down to their level as Jesus did with the women at the well, and make His love felt to the people around us, that we may be able to see God a little better. In 2 Corinthians 2:11, we are called to be ambassadors of Christ’s ministry of reconciliation to all mankind. We also need to be authentic and worthy of trust to each other.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

29th July
I thank God for wifi connection at Gloria’s house this morning because as I enter my journal I am able to listen to Christian contemporary music on yahoo music! The music brings me back to about 2 months ago when I was studying for my exams in my school library and the last few days at AMK library. I can almost picture myself mugging back then and I’m happy to say that those times are a thing of the past, but as I look back, I remember His faithfulness, His directing and strengthening for me to be where I am today. Today I am in a different place a different time, but in my heart I can really know my God is still the same.

Yesterday Loong and I started out late, leaving the house at 1030 to get the router configured so that we can all surf on wifi at home! After lunch we went to Jars of Clay for interviews of the job applicants. I wasn’t involved, so I started clearing up the kitchen and tidying up the place. From there I know that I can be a rather meticulous person with regards to clearing an area up.

I was brought to think about the Nepali people and culture over here. This thought was triggered from my observation of the disparity in standards we have back home with theirs. The Nepali work ethics and culture here is so different from ours. They could be seen as resourceful in getting the job done, but how well the job is done is another thing. I was watching the workers install the Jars of Clay cooking exhaust hood, and they simply hammered a few pieces of wood to the window frame as a makeshift prop-up to fit the hood. After the installation was done, they didn’t even fit up the electrical wiring for the fans in the hood because that was the electricians’ job it seems.

Raju has been working part time for Jars of Clay on a daily wage and now that he is being offered a full time staff job, he says that he will have to think about it because our Singaporean standards are too high. Raju is afraid he is unable to meet the standards. He is also not confident in talking to the Caucasians here in Nepal, who will be the bulk of the customers in JOC. This leaves me to think, does our Singaporean standards for excellence cause us to give of an air of arrogance from the pride we take in our work? This intimidates someone like Raju, causing him to potentially back down in accepting the job offer. Ps Erick mentioned that the Nepalese just dun have an eye for beauty, and it’s in their culture, they are not fussy over a little unevenness in the furniture or a difference in paint tone on the walls.

This brings me back to Church ministry. Are we practicing a parallel? Have the few who got so fired up for the things of God, caused the rest to feel inferior? To feel that the standards are too high for them to even bother trying. Therefore in ministry it is important for us to show the heart of excellence and the pursuit of advancing in the things of God, and not let the knowledge or the act of knowledge puff up. We have experienced spiritual growth when we learn that God din place a bar for us to reach, and we cannot be replacing that bar on others subconsciously.

Praise God that Raju accepted the job because he seemed like a great asset to JOC. He has good character and work ethics.

Monday, July 27, 2009

27th July (Morning)
Yesterday started off at Singma Food Court for drinks tasting. I was helping Singma with Ice blended coffee, Frappe drinks. I came up with the proportions and mix for Oreo frappe, Banana frappe and Mocha frappe. I really enjoy mixing up drinks as I did 3 years ago in TCC as a barista. But after those cups of coffee, we were trembling from the excess of caffeine in our systems. But I could see how Singma has come a long way in their operations to be where they today.

After the drinks concoction session, I had lunch with Ps Erick and Shanti at Singma. I was updating them about the worship ministry back at Charis, and I mentioned how important it was for members in the worship band to not view themselves as individuals who were simply being used to fill in the gaps for the band. But instead as worshipers who are called to worship, to simply understand the role they play their instrument. Much vision casting and feeding on the Word needs to be done as a band for dynamics to form inside and outside the worship sessions, and that is crucial.

I walked back to Ps Erick’s place after lunch. I’ve been commuting around on foot by myself quite abit lately and I’m pleased with this God given gift of a sense of direction to be able to get around by myself in Nepal. We were going to have a dinner gathering before Ps Erick’s family leaves for Singapore on Wednesday. Shanti asked if I could cook one dish of beef, so I did stir fried beef with ginger and spring onions. I was so pleased with the turnout of the beef! After dinner and chit chat, Ps Erick gathered us for a short time for prayer. Before that we sang the Lord prayer, and I thank His for teaching me so much from the Lord’s Prayer of the past few years. It has so much contained in that one short prayer. It could be a topic for in-depth Kingdom talk, because of the theology woven into it. And I believe each time the Lord’s Prayer, similar to the rest of the Word, is able teach us multiple lessons. Kevin so timely pointed me to Jeremiah 33:3 and I am going to do what it says. To call unto Him and hear the great and unsearchable things He wants to reveal to me for my life.

It just that start of the day and it’s looking wet today. Just excited and in anticipation for the things He is going to reveal to me today!

27th July (Evening)
Am journaling this evening again because the lights are out, and it seemed like the best thing to do. We just had Korean instant noodles with beef and eggs, simply awesome! Reading through my past days journaling and writing down my reflections of the day that passed is quite nice. Helped me see where and how the Lord is speaking to me and directing me.

Today it rained for a good half a day. I went to town with Gloria, Loong and didi Grace to shop for the door gifts to be given at the MMS banquet back home. At that point you would also feel that staying home to sleep would have been a better option. Following the shopping trip, we went back to Ps Erick’s place to pack the items into smaller gift packs

The interesting part came when Ps Erick and Shanti sat down with the Jars of Clay team to discuss business and ministry matters. I really am learning that much love and communication needs to happen in order for systems to be in place. I learnt to know what I am to be involved in and suggest as well as when to just let people talk things out. Listening to the team and all talk, it was important that I saw beyond the words and to the hearts that produced the words. That is key to listening I feel.


Ps Erick dropped us home after the meeting, and I asked Eleanor where she felt her home was, and she mentioned back in Singapore. So where does our home lye? I think that would be also where God calls you to. Where you find His heart would be where my home is. Like the saying goes, Home is where the Heart lye.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

25th July
The past two days passed so fast, it felt like time went twice as fast. There was so much running around and stuff to do. On Friday we had then final practice for the evangelistic event HRC was leading worship for. After practice I went to town with Ps Erick and Shanti to town. I tailored one shirt and got my air ticket confirmed for return on the 11th of August.


Today I went for church service followed by the HRC event. This American Idol Season 6, Sean Michael was the guest performer for the event organized by a Nepali church called Cross Way. It is just great how the churches here have evangelism on their hearts and minds. Every event they want pre-believers to hear the gospel. Sean Michael performed a set of songs which had the gospel woven into it.

26th July
Kevin pointed me to this verse today.
Jeremiah 33:3
3 'Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

22nd July
Waiting for the solar eclipse to occur in front of me in 15 minutes, but the sky is rather cloudy today. Praying that the sky would clear up, or at least let the sun peek through the clouds for me to see the eclipse.

Yesterday I went with the other team of YWAMers to Jars of Clay, to watch them paint on the interior walls. It was interesting to see a professional graphic designer work. He is a YWAMer who is contributing his skills to JC for free.


After lunch I attended a jamming session with HRC band at Wesley Church Nepal. It was really a cross cultural experience, but worship is pretty much the same all around with youths. We like up-beat music to help us worship, coupled with the heart of worship, it gets pretty much the same.

23rd July
Yesterday at prayer meeting, Ps Sebastian shared on Luke22:42-44. Although I din understand majority of his sharing in Nepali, I was thought by the Holy Spirit. Jesus was asking for his cup to be taken from him. God sent an angel to strengthen him, and he began to pray more in anguish, until he sweated drops of blood. I believe when God strengthens us to pray, we pray the things on His heart. And I believe Christ was praying the things on God’s heart. The anguish was the anguish on God’s heart for the hurting, suffering and the lost. The anguish Christ was feeling could have compelled him to the cross, as He committed himself in obedience to the work of the cross.

Today, I continued the painting work with the YWAMers at the new Sophia home. After that went to Ps Erick’s house for lunch with the team and stayed there till another meeting among all the missionaries under MMS. This was when I saw forefront warriors of the mission field gather. I felt so small and insignificant among these people who responded to the grace of God to serve Him. They had all sorts of issues regarding their children, sickness and struggles, just like any other normal human being would experience. But they still chose to serve the Lord in such a capacity as theirs.

Managed to talk to Singha before we left, and I was encouraging him on the good work he has done with starting up Pulbari’s church and now is moving on to another preaching point. He thanked me for all the prayers for the work that he was doing, and said that without our prayers, his labor would have been in vain. I told him how blessed I was to see the fruits and results of our prayers, and that I will surely bring back a testimony on behalf of him home. It takes two hands to clap, first the prayers of the people and second the labor of someone, simply cause God chooses to move through His people, and we are His co-laborers.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

21st July

Yesterday I went to paint the new Sophia home with the YWAMers. It was great getting to interact and work with a Singapore team! It was laborious work for me and 2 other guys who had to bring down rubble from the top floor, but our weariness gave birth to innovation. We thought about using a rope with baskets to lower the rubble down with rope instead of us climbing up and down the stairs. Praise God we found a rope, and got the rubble cleared in half the time and effort!

A view from the New Sophia home.

We continued to paint the rooms through the day, and on my heart was the knowledge that the room I am painting would be occupied by a blessed Sophia home girl. So getting the coating of paint on the wall was important. Partly also cause God made us creatures who took pride in their work. The human spirit is to be marveled at, just simply cause we are fearfully and wonderfully made by God!

Walking to Road house, a pizza place for dinner, I was talking to Adeline about my trip so far. I mentioned that this trip for me was sort of a sabbatical, whereby I went away from the things that I was so used to at home, including the people I was used to be surrounded and supported by. I also told here that i felt that i needed to spend time hearing from God myself, rather from people! God is so good to me and always wanting to communicate His heart to me on this trip, that as I was hearing to a podcast sermon from generation church by Ps Anne Marie, I was reminded of the same thing!

Ps Anne Marie was sharing about the Word being a lamp unto thy feat and a light unto my path, Psalm 119:105. The illustration of how sometimes on the road when we are driving with others on the road at night, and other people’s headlights and even the street lamps illuminate our path, we dun even notice that our headlights are not on. Until we reach a place where it’s only you and no one else do we realize our headlights are not on, and we get clueless of where we should go next. I’m reminded that sometimes, or most of the time back home, I could have relied on the Word of others to illuminate my path, rather then His word.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

19th July

Today I attended Kathmandu International Church, but before that I went for a run from Gloria’s place to Ps Erick’s and back. The first round was a run, and the second a cool down walk which lead to me praying. Ps John was sharing at International Church and the message was simple and to the point. Showing who Jesus was to the people.

In Matt14:13, the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand should in fact be the story of the disciples feeding the five thousand with Jesus as a coach. John the Baptist had just been beheaded and Jesus was going to retreat away to have some time also one after the death of his dear cousin. But the crowds followed, and Jesus started to heal and minister to the needs of the people. Never has Jesus turned away the masses, because He is moved my compassion for His sheep that could be seen by Him as gone astray.

When it was getting late, the disciples made a correct assessment that the crowds needed to get food. So they suggested the only logical solution available to men, to send the crowd away so that they could get food. Ps John shared that the crowds could be our problems today, and very often we want to send our problems away. But the Christian model is to deal with the problem with Christ. Jesus told the disciples to feed the people. But He didn’t say, “Ok now it’s your problem deal with it yourself”, but He helped the disciples do what He expected them to do. Jesus took the 5 loaves and 2 fishes and gave thanks for it. Then He gave it to the disciples to do the main bulk of the multiplication of the food as they distributed it out to the people! The feeding of the masses was done with the hands of the disciples.

So the lesson drawn is that if God expects us to do something. He will help us work through the problems we have. After service over lunch at Singma, Gloria Loong and I were talking about being in the mission field, and I have come to learn that I might not be permanently stationed out in the field like them. But I still have a heart for missions and justice. Loong mentioned the word “Mobilizer”, and it just fit very well into my spirit. It’s been on my heart for the people back in church to experience the things God has allowed me to experience to enrich my Christian life. And short term mission trips could be something I see myself doing. It was the breakthrough Kevin was talking and praying for me about in 2007. That although I could be working at a job or business back home, I would still be able to take time off for such trips. So now I it could be getting clearer, but still a long way to go!

“To mobilize people to be sent to the mission fields”, is what I’m going to let ring in my heart, so loud and long that I may see Christ calling me and coaching me into what He expects me to do.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

18th July

I Went up to Pulbari village today to visit the church, and took pictures of the finished church and water pipe that supplied a common washing area. I din get to see the pipe because it is all hidden underground, but the running water was enough to prove that the pipe was laid. I could draw some spiritual lessons here.

Ps Erick shared at the service on the tower of Babel in Genesis chapter 11 and also in Acts chapter 2, whereby in Genesis 11, God created different language to divide man who was going to build a name for themselves. But in Acts, God gave the Holy Spirit in order for the apostles to speak in various tongues. Every tribe and tongue today can also come to worship one God with the same heart doing that one thing, sitting at the feat of Jesus.

God created us to be in fellowship with Him. Our DNA cannot function optimally without our creator. So when the people wanted to make a name for themselves, God stopped them because He knew what was best for his people. But in terms of coming to worship him, God provided the Holy Spirit for us to worship Him.

Friday, July 17, 2009

17th July

Yesterday I was suffering from altitude sickness which caused me to have diarrhea and easily fatigued. It was also a day before the food tasting session Jars of Clay was going to hold today. So everyone was on their toes getting stuff and preparing. Was super tired when I got back, but still managed to cook baked chicken and fry long beans for dinner.

This morning “po chai yin” did the trick for my fluid bowel movements. I really thank God for how He is sustaining me even through the food tasting session.

Gopal Sebastian, one of the 4 partners of Jars of Clay, gave me a lift back on his scooter after the food tasting session, and he was telling me about how an ‘M’ was deported after being betrayed by a local co-worker of 8 years. GS was also rationalizing the amount of work needed to go into JC for it to be running. JC is not their main priority here as “Ms”, therefore starting up JC is not going to be easy. A solution for their business visa gives rise to more problems.

However I was reminded of 2cor12:8-10. When Paul was pleading for his torn to be taken, the Lord said that His grace is sufficient for him. In rom8:28-29, God promises to work for the good of those who love him, and has called him according to His purpose. So I learnt that it is important to first know where the Lord is calling you. And in that calling, God takes care of things. It could be worry of back stabbing, disloyal employees who turn their back on you after 8 years or whether the business is going to make profits. The Lord says in Eph 1:11 that when we are in Him, He works out everything in conformity of His will. So it’s irrational not to worry and to sit back and be in the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ, but His ways are simply illogical to the world! But that’s how it is about the grace of God. We din deserve anything in the first place, but He still choose to make things right for us. Being rooted in Christ and upon grace is the key to developing fruits of the spirit.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

15th July 2009

I attended jars of clay meeting in the morning to talk about the food tasting session this coming Friday. We looked into the food tasting format and feedback forms. Gloria made teriyaki sandwich with honey oats bread and cheese, and it taste good!

It’s nice to be involved with such real life operations for the start up of jars of clay. I feel privileged to be able to learn along side brothers and sisters in Christ.

After lunch went to a super mart which was about 30 minutes drive away. It’s a world of difference at the mart. It’s as if we entered another country from Nepal, and we shopped for things for the food tasting.

Time passes so fast when you’re zipping around getting things done. So much to do! And I see that its not easy for the jars of clay team. But if this was God’s idea in the first place, His leading and guidance is crucial, so we do not run ahead or lag behind. Keeping at step with our Lord is entering His rest!! We have such an edge as children of God.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

14th July

I woke up early this morning due to the time difference. So I decided to spend some time with God. It was great! I prayed to confess His wholeness in my life and my throat irritation due to the dust has left me!

Later I walked to Ps Erick’s place for my orientation for my MITE programme.

The few things I would be doing here primarily involves the café F&B and front of house components. More than that, I would be doing a feasibility study on the possible entry points for XS to come up in the future.

I see myself potentially learning so much! In terms of communication with the café team as well as cross cultural communication when I begin to train and deal with the local employees for the café. I would also be able to further discover the ministry skills I possess by putting my giftings into practice. In this process I would also be required to have a heightened sense of self awareness to validate my own strengths and weaknesses.

Had lunch with Ps Erick and managed to talk about evangelism in the Methodist church today. He has been wondering why evangelism has taken a backseat today. I shared with him the things I learnt from Mike’s book and I believe we were both edified as we shared from our hearts about kingdom issues!

Went over to Jars of Clay to meet back with Gloria and Loong to get my hands into trying out the recipe for mocha villa! Awesome stuff! It’s only been two days into my 30 days and I am enjoying it so much!

My heart is kept in anticipation to see what God has installed for me!

Monday, July 13, 2009

On the flight to Nepal, I got the window seat on the right side of the plane to be able to see Everest this time!

These lovely people came and see me off early in the morning!

Thanks Guys!

Have been journaling on Microsoft word since i arrived, and i decided to share it on a blog!

Check out my pictures on


13th July 2009

Walking along the streets of Kathmandu, I saw teenage boys just sitting and lying at the street side. One boy took a bag and started breathing into it. He was sniffing glue. The sight left a lasting impression in me, as I have not seen the act of substance abuse happen in front of me before. Reading “worship, evangelism and justice” by Mike Philavachi, caused me to see beyond the substance abuse, but the depth of pain that drives someone to that level of self destruction, was something I could never fully understand.

At the end of the day, I sat down with Gloria and Loong after dinner to share things on my heart about worship evangelism and justice. In time to come and moving into this next stage of my life, I shared with them a thought God he dropped in my heart some time back. I want to go into Global missions for justice, with a business that seeks justice for those whom the world has done injustice to.